PRC - Iranian Face Database (IFDB)

Iranian Face Database

Iranian Face Database (IFDB), the first image database in middle-east, contains color facial imagery of a large number of Iranian subjects. IFDB is a large database that can support studies of the age classification systems. It contains over 3,600 color images. IFDB can be used for age classification, facial feature extraction, aging, facial ratio extraction, percent of facial similarity, facial surgery, race detection and other similar researches. FDB includes facial images of people between 2 and 85 years old. Four different poses, two different expressions and one image with glasses were taken if the subject was interested.

General Specification

Iranian Face Database (IFDB) is the first and biggest image database in middle-east, which contains color facial imagery of a large number of Iranian subjects with age, pose and expression. It was collected in January and February 2007 in the Department of Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Karaj Branch. IFDB can be used for Age Classification, Facial Feature Extraction, Race Detection, Facial Expression and other similar researches.
It contains over 3,600 color images corresponding to 616 people's faces (487 men, 129 women); however, just male images are available. No restrictions on wear (clothes, glasses, etc.), make-up, hair style, facial hair were imposed to participants. The images are in 480×640 pixels resolution, 24 bit depth, about 40 Kbytes size and JPEG format.
Information such as career, kind of skin and cosmetic points (surgical points, fracture or laceration on face) is taken from participants. The background was a white frame and the only illumination was the daylight. The subjects were seated on a stool and instructed to maintain a constant head position (although slight movements were unavoidable).

File Notation

There is a text file in person’s directory that contains persons’ information like kind of skin, career and cosmetic points (surgical points, fracture or laceration). It can be useful for researcher who wants to know the influence of other aspects of life on aging. There is a directory named total. All images of one person are stored in one file and named as person’s ID-age. Each image in the persons file is named as below:


XXXX stands for subjects ID, age presents the person’s age and Z is stands for poses or expressions that listed below:

F1: frontal image #1
F2: frontal image #2
RP: right profile
LP: left profile
U: head up
D: head down
S: smile
A: angry
G: with glass

Distribution & Download

The goals to create the Iranian face database include: (I) providing researchers a large face database for developing, training and evaluating their algorithms in face researches, (II) facilitating the development of age researches by providing large-scale face images with different age groups.
So all the images will be used for the purpose of face researches only. Researcher who wants IFDB should send an email to For privacy of the images, the researcher should prove himself as a face researcher. So the researcher should have at least one paper in scientific journals or conference proceedings about face researches; else his supervisor professor recommends him as a face researcher. The researcher who requests the Iranian face database must sign the agreement form ...

After studying the conditions, the compressed database will be sent via email